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Johnny, Old Poway

My name is John Riley and I believe we are living in a time of tremendous opportunity for innovators, entrepreneurs, and those with skill and imagination.  But there are powerful forces that block us or get us off track.

Look around.  Our economy is undergoing a radical transformation as new technologies change the way we work and communicate with each other.  As our work-life balance is reimagined, entire communities are being disrupted creating frustration in our small pocket of the world.

It can feel downright overwhelming, but where there is change there is opportunity.

I see so many people and companies failing to make the adjustment.  They cling to old models and bygone technologies.  They work harder for less reward.  The grind becomes so overwhelming, they lose focus of their dreams and aspirations.

If you aren’t paying attention, you can find yourself adrift or completely out of the game.

A new set of principles is necessary.

First, it has to start with you.  Each of us has to take our life seriously by strategically pursuing our own rational self-interest.  This requires a great deal of self-awareness, personal growth, and skill development.

Secondly, capitalize on the opportunity as an entrepreneur, thus reaping greater rewards and enjoying the freedom to live and work according to your own values.

Finally, embrace automation and outsourcing so you are free to innovate and build your business.

My mission is to help trigger your independence, so you prosper both personally and professionally… by providing you with the mindset, skills, and tools to play the game and win.

Welcome to the John Riley Project.


Join John as he interviews guests, comments on current events, and offers tips to prosper both personally and professionally… by providing you with the mindset, skills, and tools to play the game and win.

You can participate in the livestream every Wednesday at 2pm Pacific.  We will take your comments and questions, and read them on the air.

7 Lessons I Learned as an Entrepreneur, JRP0246

7 Lessons I Learned as an Entrepreneur, JRP0246

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Ditching a Bad Job, JRP0245

Ditching a Bad Job, JRP0245

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Who is the President of You?

Who is the President of You?

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The Person Holding You Back is You

The Person Holding You Back is You

A few weeks ago, I saw a Facebook post from a person in my community that asked the question: If money were no object, and success was guaranteed, what would you be doing with your life? The answers people left were fantastic.  Some shared how they wanted to help...

Addition by Subtraction

Addition by Subtraction

Life can be complex, overwhelming and stressful.  A flurry of things may be going on in every category of your life:  career, family, health, finances, social life, love life, mental state, and your home.  Sometimes we feel so much pressure, anxiety, or depression...