Hidden San Diego Jessica Johnson JRP058

June 25, 2019
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Jessica Johnson joined us to talk about her new book, Abandoned San Diego, that documents hidden treasures found in secret locations around San Diego that walk us through history, culture and nature.

It was wonderful to discuss so many of the special locations and landmarks in Jessica’s book and her website: www.hiddensandiego.net.  We talked about gold mines, haunted houses, secret caves, hidden waterfalls, partially built castles, graveyards, 19th century homes and so much more.

But for me the greatest part of the conversation was Jessica’s higher purpose of helping adults rediscover their inner child as they relearn the ideas of exploration and play.  It’s this sense of adventure that can help bring people from an overly structured, corporate life or from a dark, depressed place to find those special moments of freedom, enlightenment and joy.

We covered many other topics and people including the Whaley House, Sunset Cliffs, Spalding Park, Lake Wohlford, Poway Historical Society, Mary Shepardson, Big Stone Lodge, Old Pomerado Road,  Poway Stage Coach Stop, supernatural experiences, California Missions, Pala Mission, Castle Rock, Escondido, San Diego Historical Society, Old Town, ghost hunters, Jay Leno, empty nesters, happiness, doing what you love, teaching, art and Kate Sessions.

Jessica Johnson won the prestigious Town Crier Award from the San Diego SOHO (Save Our Heritage Organization) for raising historic preservation awareness with her Abandoned San Diego book, Hidden San Diego website, and popular social media pages, which aim to interest young and active generations in exploring local historic sites and preserving them.


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