Amit Asaravala, Poway Democratic Club

October 29, 2022
Amit Asaravala, Poway Democratic Club, john riley project

Amit Asaravala is the President of the Poway Democratic Club. Amit joined me to discuss the tremendous surge of money in Poway politics, the changing voting demographics in Poway, and information on their endorsed candidates.

Poway Campaign Finance

The financial data was the most eye-opening. Individual people can donate up to $250 for a specific candidate. Amit Asaravala shared that even on the individual level, Poway candidate Brian Pepin has raised approximately $70,000. This is far greater than the typical $10,000 to $15,000 we would see in a typical district election. Over 80% of his donors are from outside of Poway.

Meanwhile, there are political action committees involved in Poway politics attempting to influence the outcome in our local races. These PACs do not have a campaign limit and they receive big dollars from developers, housing contractors, and other individuals. Then the PACs cycle the money to other PACs who end up creating negative campaign ads against candidates that they oppose. Often these ads are heavily distorted and meant to scare the public. Community Voices, the San Diego Police Officers Association, and the Lincoln Club are players in this space.

Poway Voter Demographics

We also discussed the changing voter registration numbers for Poway. Our “City in the Country” has been a strong “red” city for a long time, but now things are changing. The Democrat voter registration has almost caught up with the Republicans. In fact, more Powegians voted for Biden than Trump in the 2020 election. Could this mean that the Poway Democratic Club’s endorsed candidates might have a serious shot at beating Steve Vaus and the other GOP candidates?

We also discussed Delta Esparza’s candidacy, Hiram Soto’s former employer Alliance San Diego, Kevin Juza’s text messaging campaign, and PUSD candidate Frida Brunzell.

Special thanks to our livestream audience for the great comments and questions.

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