Amy Coney Barrett Nomination, JRP0176

October 14, 2020

Amy Coney Barrett and self-improvement in a podcast episode?  Yeah, that’s what we’re doing here.  We talk about ACB’s nomination for the Supreme Court.  I share my opinions on abortion, gay rights, and the Affordable Act…  and what Barrett might end up deciding to do if those issues come before the court.  I reflect on my podcast with Poway city council candidate Chris Olps from last week and my interview strategy when talking with local politicians.  I share how the negative energy from the political season leads to a Negative Energy Loop that leads to paralysis/analysis and negative self-esteem.  I then get into the Positive Energy Loop that transforms positive input into positive self-esteem and tremendous personal productivity.  We then talk more deeply about Eddie Van Halen’s passing and the positive impact of praising others.  We wrap it by breaking down a powerful Steve Jobs quote about mortality, Objectivism, finding your inner voice and trusting your gut.


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