Apple and 5000 San Diego Jobs, JRP0228

April 26, 2021
apple, san diego, jobs, john riley project, JRP0228

We discuss the massive changes planned in San Diego’s economy and housing market including news on Apple’s expansion adding 5000 new jobs, the expansion of office space in Downtown San Diego, more dense community hub housing along El Cajon Blvd, and further comments on the housing construction in Poway. We also discuss adapting to change while seeking opportunities to proper both financially and spiritually.  Plus we comment on the San Diego Padres series with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Relevant Links:

Apple to expand San Diego engineering hub, boosting workforce to 5,000 over five years

Downtown is being flooded with fancy, new office buildings. So who will fill them?

Plan would transform car-centric El Cajon Blvd into pedestrian-friendly area

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