Barry Leonard, Poway Incumbant JRP0178

October 19, 2020
Barry Leonard, Poway City Council, John Riley Project, JRP0178

Incumbent Poway City Councilman Barry Leonard was my guest, and we discussed a range of Poway issues.  Barry shared his experience getting into politics, his original appointment to the city council, his relationship with Steve Vaus and winning his first election.  We discussed some of Barry’s goals for his next term including managing the city’s finances prudently, seeing through the development of the new Mickey Cafagna Community Center and other city projects in Poway. We discussed Poway’s water system, Espola Rd lines and walkway and the story behind Cox Cable and AT&T in Poway.  Barry was especially passionate about The Farm in Poway and seeing Measure P passed.  We discussed his current efforts to organize cities to cooperatively tell Sacramento politicians to back off and let local government manage local land issues.  We pondered various scenarios to fill city council seats if Steve Vaus wins his Supervisor election.  We also discussed the Poway Center for the Performing Arts, the story of the veteran’s housing originally planned for Twin Peaks Rd and the Outpost and Commons projects along Poway Rd.  Affordable housing, district elections, Villa de Vida and much more are included in this episode.



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