Big Stone Lodge Poway, JRP0077

September 14, 2019
Big Stone Lodge, PUSD Finances, John Riley Project, JRP0077

The Big Stone Lodge is a big part of the history of Poway and is now about to be demolished to make way for Low Income Veteran’s Housing.  We explore the history of this building, the potential of making this area a park, veteran’s issues, and community activists and their love of their city.

Then we take another look at Poway Unified School District’s finances as they continue handing out raises to teachers while remaining mired in a serious budget deficit.

We also touched on so many topics and people including BYU, USC, San Diego State, New Mexico State, Las Cruces, Madam Secretary, Tea Leoni, Elizabeth McCord, Bodie, Ghost Town, Reno, National Car Museum, Harrah’s, stage coaches, 20 mile house, San Diego, Poway, Escondido, Randy Jones, Jessica Johnson, Hidden San Diego, Abandoned San Diego, Hidden California, Poway Housing Authority, Chris Cruse, South and North Poway Votes, Mickey Cafagna, Community Center, Steve Vaus, Jim Cunningham, Barry Leonard, Twin Peaks, Monte Vista, Pomerado Hospital, NIMBY, Caylin Frank, Poway Federation of Teachers, PFT, Billion Dollar Bond, John Collins, parcel tax, Gary Oldman, Sirius Black, Harry Potter. 

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