Booking My First Guest

August 17, 2018

My goal in launching this project is to learn new things, meet new people and enjoy great conversations.  It’s a project I am doing for myself.  It’s an outlet for my creativity.  Ultimately it’s about exploring big ideas with interesting individuals that have a story to share.

But where do I start?  Who do I book for the first episode?

I made an initial list of guests where I think there is a reasonable chance they would enjoy joining me.  There are plenty of interesting people in my home town of Poway and I intend to start there.  This is election season so there are plenty of politicians and candidates running for city council or school board.  Poway is home to many successful entrepreneurs that have built great companies.  Poway is loaded with athletes both professional and amateur, both current and retired.  I also added to the list various historians, comedians and people that have traveled the world.  This list is actually pretty good.  If they all said yes, that would keep me busy for a long time with an overwhelming amount of awesome content.

I ended up extending invitation to 4 people to start.  My first guest was a slam dunk who I know would do it and would be great.  I sent invitations to the other 3 yesterday and hope to hear back from them soon.  Two are politicians and one is a local historian.

My first guest will be David Wallace from 5th Avenue Energy.  David is an expert in the world of sustainable energy and has so much to share about the industry, the players and the technology.  I expect we will explore electric vehicles, charging stations, Elon Musk, Tesla, Chevy Bolt, LED lighting, solar, battery backup, CalTrans, Jerry Brown, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, natural gas, automation controls, zero carbon footprint, the Paris Accord and so much more.

David is booked on Monday, August 20th.  I hope I can do the post production smoothly and have the show available in both audio only (Apple Podcasts, Stitcher) and audio/video (YouTube) within a week after recording.

Wish me luck!