Brian Edmonston Poway Candidate JRP0008

September 27, 2018
Brian Edmonston was a candidate for Poway Mayor in 2018.

Brian Edmonston is running to be Poway’s next mayor and he is ready to lead Poway to an even better quality of life. Brian passionately discussed expanding and upgrading Poway parks, particularly transforming Stoneridge into a public golf course, swim & tennis facility and walking, running and dog walking destination. Mr. Edmonston expressed his concerns about the Poway Road Corridor plan, specifically about greater integration of commercial real estate amongst residential and an easing of density. Ultimately Brian wants to be a leader that gets out in front of big issues, upgrades amenities for residents and makes the quality of life on par with the best cities in San Diego County. We spent a great deal of time discussing his particular race and how he differentiates himself with our current mayor. Brian expressed his concern about how the mayor and city council seem content with Poway as it is, rather than leading Poway to be everything it can be. We also spent time discussing city council appointments, dog parks and living abroad with his family in Seville, Spain for a few years in a mixed use neighborhood.

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