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August 23, 2022

The cost of college tuition is sky high, but the price of clothing at Costco is very inexpensive. We explore government’s role in causing prices to rise and student debt to expand.

Biden’s Plan to Cancel Student Debt

Liberals in Congress are pushing Biden to cancel $10,000 of student debt. But is that enough? Bernie and Warren want $50K in relief. We break down Biden’s student debt plan, who gets it, and how much. Meanwhile Chuck Schumer says that canceling student debt is the moral thing to do.  But is it moral to shift your debt burden on to innocent people today or in future generations?

College Tuition (and Student Debt) is too Damn High!

Cancelling debt may offer relief, but it doesn’t solve the core problem of the high price of college tuition. We explore a number of ways to reduce the cost and expand access, such as:

  • Expanding access to online learning at accredited universities.
  • Allowing tax deduction of the full amount of college tuition.
  • Ending the practice of making student debt ineligible for bankruptcy
  • Consider niche online skill development outside the scope of college that are much more affordable like Skill Share.

Why is the Price of Clothing so Inexpensive at Costco?

Costco clothing makes up a significant part of my wardrobe.  Good quality and very affordable. What’s not to like?  But how is it possible for Costco to offer a pair of jeans for just $9?  When the so many industries like higher education, housing and healthcare are soaring in price, apparel is getting less expensive. We explore some of the key reasons why.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Apologies to Teammates and Media

I don’t know about you, but I thought Tatis’ apology was sincere and humble. This could be a key turning point in his character development and maturity. I am for offering forgiveness. How about you?

Join us Thursday at 3pm when we break it all down on Lee Hacksaw Hamilton’s livestream podcast.

Poway Election Preview

We take an early look at the political races in Poway including Mayor, City Council, School Board and one judge position.  Who are the incumbents? Who are the viable challengers?  Who are some of these new names?

#StudentLoanForgiveness #Costco #Poway

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