Cancel Student Debt, JRP0191

November 18, 2020
cancel student debt, john riley project, jrp0191

Our friends on the left are demanding that President Elect Biden cancel student debt shortly after he is inaugurated.  Can President Biden do that without Congress’ approval?  We discuss the issue at length, particularly the morality of cancelling student debt.  We also discuss ways to make college less expensive.  I share some of my own stories as I worked my way through college.  We also discuss Ron Fowler stepping down as Chairman of the Board of the San Diego Padres.  Was Fowler the best professional sports owner in San Diego history?  Plus, we discuss the NBA draft, San Diego State basketball, President Trump removing troops from the Middle East, and the Poway Protesters.  I also share some of my learnings watching Season 4 of The Crown.  Finally, I pay a special tribute to family friends that Exited California for a more comfortable empty nest lifestyle in Florida.

Closing Quote: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”  – Milton Friedman

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