Capitalism and Burritos, JRP0132

May 12, 2020
capitalism, burritos, covid19, medici, John Riley Project, JRP0132

A local taco shop increased carne asada burrito prices $1 to cover added expenses from the COVID crisis.  People shrieked that it was a scam, and deception.  We explore how people view capitalism and socialism through their own lens of morality…  of what is right and what is wrong.  We look at historical cases and examples in our society today, including El Armando’s Mexican Food’s decision to raise their burrito prices.  We also talk a bit about Tony Gwynn and the Netflix show Medici.


We get into a wide range of people and topics including Alan Wiggins, Ken Caminiti, Steve Garvey, NLCS, San Diego Padres, Milan, Venice, Florence, Papal States, Rome, Econ 101, poverty, individual rights, individual freedom, property rights, rule of law, Ireland, Venezuela, Chile, China, morality.


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