San Diego News Update May 24: Carlsbad Gay Pride, Jim Desmond, Rancho Bernardo, Lemon Grove, Santee

May 24, 2023
John Riley discusses San Diego News Update May 24: Carlsbad Gay Pride, Jim Desmond, Rancho Bernardo, Lemon Grove, Santee

We have a laundry list of topics to discuss in this John Riley Project episode. We will discuss the controversial vote in Carlsbad to ban flags, including the Gay Pride Flag. La Mesa tried this as well and got a different result. Carlsbad went a step further and banned prayer too. We’ll also discuss San Diego Supervisor Jim Desmond, homelessness, housing subsidies, Rancho Bernardo sink hole, tattoos in Santee and cannabis in Lemon Grove.

It’s Wednesday May 24, 2023. Here’s what John Riley thinks:

The City of Carlsbad is Banning Gay Pride Flag on City Buildings

The LGBTQ community is upset that the Gay Pride Flag cannot be presented on city buildings in Carlsbad. But what is the role of local government? Does the American flag already protect gay rights in the first place? No doubt this flies in the face of the woke agenda, but I think we should support equal rights for all, not special rights for this group and that group.

Carlsbad Bans Prayer at City Meetings

Why do some cities have invocations to start a city meeting? Is this a violation of the separation of church and state? While we’re at it, why do they pledge allegiance to the flag before a meeting? I like this move by Carlsbad.

San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond and Homelessness

The County of San Diego wants to buy more hotels to house the homeless. After all, it’s free money from Sacramento! Is this the solution to homelessness or are they just sweeping them under the rug? There are still mental health and addiction issues that need to be addressed.

Tax the Rich to Subsidize San Diego Housing

The idea is to tax large businesses on their payroll for employees earning $150,000+ per year. The money would go into a fund to subsidize housing for others. Would this solve the housing problem or just make matters worse? Taxing payroll will just increase demand when there is already not enough supply. It’s not a solution.

San Diego Housing Prices Continue to Increase

Despite higher interest rates, housing prices are still going up. It’s because there are not enough houses for sale. Until they start building more, we will continue to have a housing crisis making it really tough for first time home buyers.

Rancho Bernardo Sink Hole

There’s a huge hole on Escala Drive in Rancho Bernardo. Why is it so hard to get this fixed quickly? The City of San Diego is trying to get emergency approval and pass environmental regulations. It’s going to take over 2 months to fix it if we’re lucky.

Santee Allows More Tattoo Parlors

Microblading is a hot trend to enhance eyebrows. The technique is like tattoos, and this is causing Santee to deregulate the rules in their city. Will this attract a bad element? Or is this just people pursuing their happiness?

Lemon Grove Allows More Cannabis Dispensaries

It’s still illegal in El Cajon, but Lemon Grove is opening their economy for more cannabis dispensaries. But Lemon Grove has a serious revenue problem for their city coffers. Is this a move to free up their economy or just generate more tax dollars for the city? Looks like both.

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