Captain Charles MacVean, USS Seawolf, Down Deep

December 28, 2022
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Captain Charles R. MacVean U.S. Navy (Ret.), PhD joined Pete Neild and I to discuss submarine stories and his new book Down Deep.

Submarine life is not easy. Tight quarters. Disciplined schedules. Everyone depending on someone else. It takes a high degree of trust and teamwork to make for a successful mission.

Charlie shared many great stories involving his crew and some of his missions. It seemed that Admiral Hyman Rickover came up frequently in our discussions. Rickover was a demanding leader that enjoyed keeping his subordinates off balance, so they would be provide direct and truthful answers.

Trust came up so often in this podcast conversation. Admiral Rickover extended a great degree of trust to Charles MacVean, but only after first testing his character and conviction. Rickover had confidence in MacVean’s skills and capabilities. He just needed to believe that MacVean believed he could accomplish the task at hand.

Charlie shared stories about the history of the USS Seawolf and the innovative nuclear experiments and challenges they faced.

The stories of MacVean sitting down with his crew members to learn about their family and aspirations was moving. For many of these crewmen, this was a career they valued because they felt truly cared for. They had a mission, a purpose in life. The military saved many of these men’s lives and catapulted them into upstanding men in society.

This is a podcast conversation Pete Neild and I have been talking about for over a year. I am so pleased that we had a chance to get meet Charlie and enjoy his stories and words of wisdom.

Thank you!

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Down Deep: Courage, Leadership, Hijinks

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