Coronavirus! Mike Ryan

March 12, 2020
Coronavirus, Mike Ryan, John Riley Project, JRP0119

We break down the surge of coronavirus news unfolding by the hour and discuss the impact it is having in society and our own lives.  Mike Ryan shares his thoughts working in the grocery industry and the emotions customer experience.  We discuss the impact on large sporting events, music festivals and the economy at large.  Could there be a silver lining with coronavirus that results in students, workers and employers finding increased productivity and lower expenses working from home?  We also check in with Mike on the latest with his Z car collection.

We covered a wide range of issues, people and places including Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, NBA, Ivy League, NCAA Tournament, March Madness, climate change, Rodney King, OJ Simpson, Katrina, Donald Trump, Europe, Coachella, Costco, Stater Brothers, Albertsons, Justin Bieber, doomsday preppers, Amazon, San Diego, City Heights, Italy

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