Interested in ordering that custom car of your dreams?  We learn the hidden secrets and what happens behind the curtain when you place a custom car order with a dealership. Corvette enthusiast, Pete Neild, and San Diego’s favorite car guy, Mike Polite, joined us in this fascinating conversation which covered so much detail of the process of how the dealerships work and how the manufacturer does business.  Here in Southern California people’s identities are often tied to the car they drive.  Driving the car they love is one way people express their pursuit of happiness.

We also touched on so many topics and people including General Motors, Mercedes Benz, Corvette, Autobahn, Stuttgart, Germany, Bowling Green, Kentucky, AMG, supply chain, constraints, G 550, AMG G 63, G Wagon, Herbert Haemmer, sun roof, night roof, Corvette Happiness, Black Rose, Hyundai, Kona, driving on sunshine, solar panels.

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