Delta Esparza, Poway Mayor Candidate

October 17, 2022
Delta Esparza, Poway Mayor, John Riley Project, JRP0290

Poway Mayoral Candidate, Delta Esparza, joined me for a thoughtful and wide-ranging conversation in the JRP podcast studio. Delta is one of four challengers attempting to unseat Poway Mayor Steve Vaus. Our 1.5-hour discussion offers great insight into Delta’s background, values, character, and vision for Poway. Highlights include:

Delta’s family background growing up in South LA to immigrant parents. Delta was the first person in her family to achieve a college degree. She later went on to a master’s degree and a career in computer science in the defense industry.

Delta Esparza shared her experiences visiting Poway’s trails, open spaces, restaurants, and the Poway Bowling Alley for years as a resident near Camino Del Norte and Paseo Lucido. She valued Poway so much, she purchased a home here in 2019 and began establishing her roots in our community. But as she began witnessing the changes in Poway, she realized that something was awry. She looked around for viable candidates that represented her values but could find none. So, she took the brave step to enter the race herself.

We discussed her thoughts on Poway’s General Plan and the overall vision the mayor has for the city. She shared her positive experiences in nearby cities like Carlsbad and Escondido that had strong, community-driven City Plans that were being implemented consistent with that vision. Why is Poway falling so short?

Delta Esparza strongly values getting the residents of Poway involved. She wants to open the dialog and encourage input in less formal settings like town hall meetings and small gatherings. She does not think the Poway City Council properly listens to the people of Poway.

We covered her thoughts on development all over Poway including along Poway Road, Twin Peaks Road, on the side of Twin Peaks, The Farm in Poway, The Outpost, and much more.

Delta shared so much more including her vision on the Poway Center for the Performing Arts, Poway’s lack of a Climate Action Plan, city infrastructure, traffic calming measures, parks, recreation, and the overall community vibe she wants to encourage in Poway.

Thanks to the livestream audience for so many great questions and comments. We value your input!

Thank you!

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