Demented Debate Debacle, JRP0170

September 30, 2020

It was demented.  It was a debacle.  We cover the first Presidential Debate of 2020 and comment on the train wreck that it was.  I always get excited for political debates like I do for a big sporting event.  I love the conversation.  I like seeing who is winning and losing.  It’s entertainment for a political nerd like me.  We break down Trump’s comments about the economy, Big 10 football, and his choice to not denounce white supremacy.  We also discuss Biden’s comments about law and order, Medicare for All, and the Green New Deal.  Then I do a deep dive on the Commission for Presidential Debates and how they rig the debate process for the Republicans and Democrats.  We discuss the debates of the late 70s and early 80s that were moderated by the League of Women Voters and the discuss why the Commission for Presidential Debates was formed, why Ross Perot was included in 1992 and how they changed the rules to make it nearly impossible for third party candidates to get on the stage.  We also share an update on the Poway Protesters and take questions and comments from viewers in the livestream. 


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Referenced Articles:

Elizabeth Neumann, DHS Assistant Secretary for Counter Terrorism 2019-2020 Twitter Thread about the Danger of Trump Not Condemning White Supremacy:

Debate-watchers say Biden won first debate, but most felt “annoyed” — CBS News poll


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