Road trip!  I share my adventure driving my electric vehicle through the deserts and mountains of the Eastern Sierras from San Diego to Reno and back.  This trip involves exploration, friends, time alone, great scenery and checking out of the rat race for a short time.  We geek out on the technical aspects of driving an electric vehicle in desolate areas plotting out distances to the next electric vehicle charging station oasis while factoring in elevation, wind and driving style.  We also discuss a few Airbnb spaces, one of which was spectacular.  Finally, I share stories reconnecting with old friends.

We discuss a wide range of people and topics including Reno, Tahoe, Hyatt Regency, Harrah’s, EVgo, ElectrifyAmerica, ChargePoint, Padres, Battlestar Gallactica, UCSD, Bodie, Lone Pine, Ridgecrest, Bishop, Mono Lake, Yelp, Alabama Hills, Bridgeport, Gardnerville, Virginia City, Kinsale, Mark Twain, Samuel Clemons, San Diego State, Aztecs, Malachi Flynn, Butte, Death Valley, Hawthorn, Tonopah, Beatty, Bilbo Baggins, Angelina Jolie, 395

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