Poway City Council Candidate Frank Fournier joined me to discuss his candidacy and a variety of issues in Poway.  Frank is a graduate of Poway High School, a rugby coach at Poway High and works in the pharmaceutical industry.  Frank presented his conflict resolution skills as a way to help solve problems in Poway and work with other members on the city council.  We covered so many issues in our 2-hour podcast including traffic on Poway Road, construction on Poway Road, the Poway Business Park, affordable housing, veterans housing, district voting, local Poway businesses, Poway Center for the Performing Arts, “The Penitentiary”, the Poway Community Center (Senior Center), The Farm in Poway, and the Poway water crisis.


We also discuss a range of other people and topics including Caylin Frank, Chris Olps, Steve Vaus, Stoneridge Golf Course, Amazon, John Carson, Pete Neild, Paul Trevino, Steve Dow, desalination, water recycling, water reclamation, climate change, solar power, LED lighting, Lebanon, rugby league, rugby union, Rugby Sevens Series, Petco Park, All Blacks, San Diego Legion, University of San Diego, ADUs, Granny Flats


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