Frida Brunzell, Poway Unified School District Candidate

November 3, 2022
Frida Brunzell, Poway Unified, PUSD, John Riley Project

Frida Brunzell is a candidate for Poway Unified School District Board Trustee in Area B. This covers Northeast Rancho Bernardo and North Poway.

Only 75% of PUSD Students Read at Grade Level

Frida shared with me her frustrations with PUSD’s reading curriculum. 25% of PUSD students are not reading at their grade level. According to Frida Brunzell, PUSD is still teaching reading using a flawed method invented in the 1960s. There are innovative and proven alternative methods to teach reading, but establishment interests, book publishers, and fear of change prevent school leaders from making the necessary corrections.

We discussed dyslexia and how this is afflicting students here in our school district. When dyslexic students fail to learn to read, their likelihood of struggling in life or ending up in prison increases dramatically.

Bullying is a Serious School Safety Issue

Frida Brunzell also spoke at length about the problems of bullying on school campuses. Students are now recording the incidents and sharing them on social media. This further terrorizes the victim as they re-experience the trauma and continue to get ridiculed. Sadly, school officials are not taking strong action to combat bullying.

Frida Brunzell is fluent in 4 Languages, has a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering

We also discussed Frida’s backstory growing up in Sweden, attending college in Germany, and living in England and France as a young adult. Frida is fluent in 4 languages and has a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Frida has also been very active as a PTA leader at both the school level and the district level.

Students of Color at Poway Unified

Frida also shared her thoughts about racism in Poway schools. As a parent of bi-racial Black students, she shared some of the difficulties her children have experienced. This led to further discussions of the Instagram account Black at PUSD, equity, inclusion, changes in curriculum, and CRT. Frida Brunzell helped start the JEDI group that stands for Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

We also discussed PUSD’s COVID policy, failing school infrastructure, the potential of a future school bond, PUSD’s budget, and arts and music education.

Frida wants to be a school board member that asks tough questions and is a voice for constituents in her community.

Thanks to the livestream audience for so many great questions and comments. We value your input!

Thank you!

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