Gavin Newsom’s Dimmer Switch, JRP0144

July 27, 2020
Gavin Newsom, Dimmer Switch, Poway, Skill Development

Governor Newsom is jacking up the economy by moving his dimmer switch up and down.  How are entrepreneurs supposed to manage their business? How are you managing you?  We discuss the recent wave of shutdowns of large portions of our economy, violation of individual rights and better ways to handle the pandemic.  We get into some of the “good deeds” put forward by local leaders here in Poway to help fitness centers and churches and question if their do-gooder approach really creates more harm in the long run.  We then discuss the pending economic implosion that is in our future when the stimulus payments end.  Finally we discuss skill building strategies that you can embrace to better position you for the new world that is coming.


We also discuss a range of other people and places including Steve Vaus, Facebook, liberty, Poway Unified School District, Poway Schools, PUSD, LA Unified, Los Angeles Unified, LA schools, COVID, charter schools, home schooling, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Who Moved My Cheese, PPP, Paycheck Protection Program, Tiny Homes, Wayne Gretzky, accounting, coding, blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, video production, corporate training, Larry Bird


Recorded July 21, 2020


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