George Floyd, Individual Rights JRP0136

May 31, 2020
George Floyd, BLM, Individual Rights, John Riley Project, JRP0136

The murder of George Floyd has sparked waves of anger, frustration and protests all across America.  We explore the role of police in our culture and how different groups in society perceive law enforcement.  We also discuss the need for a reawakening in America to rediscover a common set of ideas that will help us solve this repeating problem of race-based violence.  Plus, we discuss how leadership is crucial to unite our nation for a higher, moral cause.


We also discuss a range of other people and places including CHP, War on Drugs, Criminal Justice Reform, Donald Trump, inalienable rights, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, La Mesa, Minneapolis, Poway, All Men are Created Equal, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., MLK, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Ferguson.


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