Do you have hard questions for a veteran?  We discuss Jonathan Wong’s article about opening more frank conversation with veterans in order to get a better understanding of their experience and our nation’s foreign policy.  We also discuss Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s comments about the economic impact of COVID and automation, particularly on front line workers in the service and restaurant industries.  I share some of the strategies I am pursuing to minimize my economic risk during the pandemic, and I challenge you to do the same.  We also have comments on the election results, Trump’s hair, Jimmy Carter, and Friday the 13th. #JohnRileyProject #VeteransDay #covidtyranny   JRP0189   Referenced Articles:   Jonathan Wong: This Veterans Day, I’m going to try to say, “You’re welcome to ask me hard questions.”   The Economy as We Knew It Might be Over, Fed Chairman Says     John Riley Project Info:   Bookings? Inquiries? Contact me at   Sponsorship Inquiries:   YouTube Channel:   Facebook:   Twitter:   Instagram:   iTunes:   Spotify:   Stitcher:   Google Podcasts:   Tune In:–Culture-Podcasts/John-Riley-Project-Podcast-p1154415/   Listen Notes:   Music: