Heart Force Science Group, JRP0096

December 6, 2019
Heart Force Science Group, Pete Neild, John Riley Project, JRP0096

Pete Neild joined us to discuss his newest scientific innovation and his startup Heart Force Science Group.  Pete has patented a method of measuring the actual force a heart produces.  Working with a team of mathematicians, they have transformed Pete’s discovery and data points into a series of mathematical equation that is repeatable.  This gives scientists the ability to create models for various heart conditions at different stages.  Now physicians can analyze a patient’s heart, compare it to these models and more accurately diagnose the patient’s condition. 

We share thoughts on so many other people and issues including Eureka Moment, acceleration, equivalency, f=ma, f sub e, equivalent force, diastolic dysfunction, ejection fraction, systole peak, diastole peak, ECG, EKG, Poway, stethoscope.

“It’s amazing what happens when you say hello.”

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Heart Force Science Group


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