Hiram Soto, Poway City Council Candidate

October 5, 2022
Hiram Soto, Poway, John Riley Project

This was such an enjoyable podcast conversation with Poway City Council Candidate, Hiram Soto. We covered a tremendous amount of ground in this 1.5-hour podcast discussion including:

Hiram’s family background in Mexico

His career as a journalist at the San Diego Union Tribune and how that shaped him on the issues of transparency, integrity, and digging for the truth.

His surprise that a Poway Councilperson was appointed for an open seat who had only lived in Poway for a few months. This circumvention of the voters and a weak democratic process were the catalysts for him to become a candidate.

We spoke about the development throughout Poway and his approach to finding the right balance of development, infrastructure, affordable housing, and traffic.

Hiram Soto was very passionate about the lack of a Climate Action Plan for the City of Poway. He wants to bring solar power to City Hall and convert city vehicles to EVs to save money and improve the environment. Plus, he wants to help educate homeowners and businesses about the rebate opportunities from the State of CA to convert to solar.

Hiram shared some of his experiences on the campaign trail including his positive experiences meeting people throughout the city, some demanding “get them all out!,” and some of the shenanigans of sign stealing.

It was remarkably interesting when Hiram Soto shared many of the attacks on his candidacy, not only within our city, but also by KOGO 600 talk show host Carl DeMaio.

We also got into redistricting, crime, the Old Poway Guard and much more.

Thanks to the livestream audience for so many great questions and comments. We value your input!

Thank you!

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