San Diego News Update Jan 25: Housing is a human right?, University City & Escondido housing

January 25, 2023
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There are housing issues up and down and all-around San Diego County. The San Diego City Council calls housing a fundamental human right. But is it?

It’s Wednesday, January 25th. Here’s a roundup of news stories in and around San Diego County. Here’s what John Riley thinks:

Sorry San Diego. Housing is not a Human Right.

The City of San Diego’s City Council unanimously passed a resolution declaring housing as a fundamental human right. How can that be without violating the rights of others to provide it or fund it? Turns out that they really didn’t mean it. They just call the statement aspirational. Sheesh. We have a legit housing problem, but is this the way to solve it?  Besides, what is a right anyway?

University City to more than Double in 30 Years

Mira Mesa recently announced a 30-year growth plan. Now University City has done the same. University City wants to grow from 27,000 housing units to 57,000 housing units. They expect to do this with five focus zones with high rise apartments and transforming strip malls into mixed use residential/commercial space. Local residents are freaking out, as expected. San Diego’s economy has radically grown. How can housing keep up?

Escondido’s Housing and Commercial Development Plans

The old Palomar Hospital is being transformed into a 510 unit development called Palomar Heights with apartments, homes, markets, and a sky bar lounge. The Harvest Hills development near the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is in the planning states for 550 units. The North County Transit District is actively taking bids to add housing and more commercial property at their transit hub. Plus there are plans to convert the vacant Sears space at the Westfield Mall into a Costco. Escondido has already built so much new housing in their downtown area and more is on the way.

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