Intent of the Law, Pete Neild, JRP0138

June 3, 2020
Intent of the Law, Eric Garner, sin taxes, John Riley Project, Pete Neild, JRP0137

In my last podcast about George Floyd and Individual Rights I called out the “stupid law” that triggered the terrible killing of Eric Garner.  Pete was fired up by my comment and felt a need to share his own point of view.  We really break down what happen with Eric Garner, the licensing and permit issues that the NYC government was enforcing and the greater issue of sin taxes on cigarettes to fund healthcare for smokers with lung issues.  We also discuss the COVID mask issue and how that lines up with rights, empathy and being a good neighbor.  Of course, we also talked Corvettes.  You can’t not talk Corvettes when Pete is on the podcast. 


We also discuss a range of other people and places including Indian Reservations, NBA, I Can’t Breathe, New York City, New Jersey, cancer, facemasks, Target, gas tax, marijuana, PTSD, epilepsy, social distancing, inalienable rights, Cat Stevens, Tea for the Tillerman, California Missions, San Francisco, Billy Connelly, Oklahoma City Memorial, Timothy McVeigh, Netflix, Waco, David Koresh, Longmire, US Grant, History Channel, Butte, submarines, candy cigarettes, vaping, Carmel.


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