Interfaith Awareness San Diego, JRP0067

August 12, 2019

Reverend Doctors Stephen and Abigail Albert joined us to discuss Interfaith Awareness Week here in San Diego County August 11 thru the 18th.  During our conversation we shared stories and experiences of people of different faiths coming together and learning from one another.

We talk about Steve’s Interfaith Manual where he documents 40 different topics, such as violence and love, and then breaks down the perspective of 12 different faiths on each topic.  His discovery, which served as his dissertation project, is that people of all faiths share so many core values and common experiences.

Abigail shared stories about her efforts to bring Interfaith into the education community.  She shared a special story about a Poway High School student and his efforts to help better educate students of all faiths.  Abigail also discussed some of her efforts to try to introduce Interfaith into Poway Unified School District’s events and/or curriculum.

During our discussion we talk extensively about educating people on the other religions in their community.  It is this effort of education, and in particular breaking down the hate and fear, that helps build stronger communities and greater tolerance.  We shared stories about their efforts creating field trips where people of different faiths can learn about other faiths, learn about their customs and be welcomed as a guest in their places of worship.

We touched on a variety current events, in particular the Poway Chabad shooting, and how this idea of breaking down fear can help our society and work towards preventing hate crimes.  We also discussed their efforts in helping Poway heal after the shooting including their coordination of community vigils.

We also discuss many other people and topics including Poway Mayor Steve Vaus, World Interfaith Network, India, Scotland, Ethiopia, UC San Diego, Freedom of Religion, Golden Rule, Platinum Rule, Poway City Council, Poway Sheriff, Rick Love, bullying, religion in schools, racism, Imam Ahmed, Usama Shami.

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