Irrationality in Politics, Poor States with High Homeownership, Poway News

July 10, 2024
John Riley discusses Irrationality in Politics, Poor States with High Homeownership, Poway News

The election season is really hot, and we are hearing more and more irrationality from candidates, the media and party supporters. What ever happened to thinking for yourself? People who live in poor states have higher homeownership levels. Does this seem counter intuitive to you? Poway Life Time Fitness survey and proposal to City Council. Poway Unified School District in trouble again. Got a question or comment? Drop your take in the live chat on Facebook, X or YouTube.

It’s Wednesday, July 10, 2024. This is what John Riley thinks.

Irrationality in Politics

It’s an election year and the propaganda is thick. Candidates and their supporters put forward outrageous lies or completely irrational ideas in the hope of supporting their candidate or defeating others.

The news media has been helpful in pointing out some of this, but in other ways complicit in spreading the disinformation.

It’s easy to get caught up in the flurry of irrationality, particularly if you are a partisan for the Democratic or Republican parties.

Tribalism is so strong, that people completely throw reason out the window. It is more important to remain loyal to one’s tribe than to dig for the truth.

What ever happened to “Question Authority?”

What ever happened to “Think for Yourself?”

Instead, politicians, the media, and their supporters all are reading from a common set of talking points.


  • Biden’s mental state, Marie Kondo
  • Trump’s criminal past and demands for dictatorship.
  • Mass deportation
  • NIMBY vs Property Rights
  • Housing prices are rising because corporations are buying all the homes or too many vacant homes.
  • Social Security, Project 2025, blame GOP, denial about fiscal crisis.
  • EV myths (can’t drive long range, burn fossil fuels, etc.)

Many people mistakenly believe these common political myths…  or they throw them around as scare tactics to frighten or trick voters.  In fact, none of these myths are true.

Republicans are for small government, spending cuts.

Republicans are for getting the govt out of your personal life.

Republicans are for low taxes.

Republicans are conservative.

Bush tried to privatize Social Security

Clinton reduced the national debt.

Democrats are against corporate welfare.

Democrats are for equality.

Democrats are pro-choice.

Democrats are fiscally responsible.

Democrats are liberal.

None of these are true.  But many people still think they are.

It’s irrationality!

Homeownership Rates

Lee Hacksaw Hamilton

Poway Lifetime GVCA

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