It’s Gonna Get Ugly, JRP0124

April 5, 2020
It's Gonna Get Ugly, Are you prepared, COVID19, Coronavirus, John Riley Project, JRP0124

The world around us is changing rapidly. The economic fallout is going to be huge.  It’s gonna get ugly.  We do some futurecasting of what we think the economy and society will be like once we come out the other side of this pandemic.  We also take a close look at some initiatives we can start right now to position ourselves for the new reality that’s coming.

We discuss a wide range of people and topics including Pete Neild, Zoom, Earthquake, Palm Springs, Anza, Bill Withers, Darryl Hall, John Oates, Rush, Tom Petty, Finger Eleven, unemployment rate, supply chain, essential business, brick and mortar retail, recession, depression, e-commerce, Japanese customs, handshakes, high fives, work from home, work anywhere, carbon emissions, rate race, work-life balance, entrepreneurism, individual rights, rugged individualism, individualism, universal healthcare, single payer healthcare, minimum wage, Mike Ryan, Steve Dow, stimulus, climate change, Mendtronix, Ryan Reynolds, Warren Buffett.

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