It’s Official. We’re Rolling!

September 11, 2018

The first episode is now posted.  We’re official now.  It’s no longer something I am talking about.  It’s real.

It took a while to feel comfortable with Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere.  It took a while to figure out dedicated hosting, hooking up with Apple Podcasts, organizing YouTube.  But I got it done.  The first episode is now available for public consumption on YouTube and Stitcher.  In the next few days I expect to get the approvals from Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Spotify and other networks.  Applications have been submitted.  The horses have left the barn!

I felt it was important for my first episode to be one-on-one with you, the audience.  I wanted to introduce myself and the project.  I wanted to give both the audience and potential guests a solid understanding of the show format, energy and more.  Like Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton, I was able to “put topics on the table”.  Now it’s up to guests to sign up and participate.  We are dancing with 4 local political candidates right now trying to firm up times for a recording.

I decided on a solo podcast format to simply speak directly into the camera without the interference of the studio mic on the boom.  I got a nice Sennheiser wireless lavalier microphone that works great for this application.  I can see many uses for this microphone, particularly if I get a second one and do interviews in more comfortable seating or even remotely.  I expect to do more solo podcasts from time to time.  I am learning as I go.  Technically, the first episode is a bit breathy because of the way I setup the mic.  This will improve over time.

I invite you to invite others to check it out.  I will be sharing links to the project on social media once all of the audio podcast distribution platforms are approved and the content if fully available.  Hopefully later this week.

I will be at the Poway Candidate Forum this Thursday evening.  I may capture some local content at the event.  For sure, I will do an episode with comments about the event and the ideas discussed.

Rock on!