Jake LeClair, Addiction, JRP0103

January 9, 2020
Jake LeClair, recovery coach, addiction, horse therapy, John Riley Project, JRP0103

Jake LeClair from Emerge Resilient visited the JRP podcast studio to discuss drug addiction and his innovative therapy connecting recovering addicts with horses.

We covered many of the reasons people seek drugs and how easy it is to fall into the trap of addiction.  We took a close look at our own city and the multitude of easy ways people can get access to street drugs including in our own schools.

Jake LeClair shared his own story as a high achiever, struggling with addiction, hitting rock bottom and then working his way back on the road to recovery.

Learning about the recovery therapy with horses was amazing.  Humans have had a long and special relationship with horses and that relationship provides opportunity to help addicts connect with reality, live in the moment and rediscover themselves.

We covered a wide range of issues, people and places including Poway High School, Poway Farmer’s Market, New York, Ivy League, Pacific Beach, Poway, opioids, Vicodin, alcohol, cocaine, heroin,  fentanyl, wine, Rancho Bernardo, Alcoholics Anonymous, mental health, self-awareness, nicotine, journaling, meditation, mindfulness, Christmas lights, Adderall, law school, wine, martini, Rancho Penasquitos, predator, prey, trust your gut, gut feeling, temptation, toxic stress, NPR, sugar, midlife crisis

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