John Carson, Poway Candidate JRP0013

October 6, 2018
John Carson was a candidate for Poway City Council in 2018.

My most recent podcast guest is John Carson, a candidate for Poway City Council in District 1.  John and his family have established roots here in Poway and he wants to be a part of Poway’s future.  He lives in Heritage Hills, roughly behind the Poway Sushi Lounge, and only 200 steps from Poway Rd.  Because he lives closer to Poway Rd then probably any other candidate, he has a vision that is different than the current Poway Rd Specific Plan.  John is a supporter of development, but he wants to see more ranch style buildings consistent with Poway’s country feel that are further set back from the street.  The current plan allows for buildings to be built right up to the sidewalk.  While that may work on Escondido’s Grand Ave, he doesn’t think that matches the character of Poway.  John also wants to see the architecture of each building fit in an overall theme approved by the city council rather than a random collection of buildings (which essentially is what we have now).

John Carson took the time to walk us through the entire story of the alleged Brown Act Violation in the parking lot behind Mainstream Bar & Grill, the reasons and actions he took contacting the District Attorney and the resulting reaction from city council members and the inaccuracies of the local press.  John also shared other stories at Mainstream running into city council candidates and challengers.

John told me his personal story starting in Indiana until he was 14 and then later in south central Kentucky.  John went into the marines and was in boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina on September 25, 2001.  John later went to Okinawa for 2 years and enjoyed the people, the climate and his overall quality of life.  He shared stories of being in combat in Iraq over multiple deployments spanning a period of 2 years.  His experience in the Marine Corps instilled in him discipline, integrity and a strong moral compass.  Throughout our conversation he often referred to himself as a Marine.  It is a core part of his personal identity.

John Carson and I covered so many other topics…   Poway community events where city council members do not attend, Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, international business in dangerous places, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Who, Churchill Downs, his career in telecom technology, New York Yankees, Louisville, Lexington, habeus corpus rights, drone strikes, Chik-fil-A, Nanny State, making Poway more fun, the MLB playoffs, his idolization of Tony Gwynn as a teenager in Kentucky, Robin Ventura getting smacked around by Nolan Ryan, the value of land in Poway, negotiating with devolopers, Bobby Knight, Poway Senior Center, free market economics, Adam Smith’s invisible hand, marijuana legalization, organ donors, helmet laws, health insurance, Palomar Health new CEO’s $800,000 salary, Poway wrestling, Wayne Branstetter, guns, weapons training, police militarization, Detroit, vinyl albums, artisans, Jack White, Cub Scouts, New York City close talkers, Poway Rodeo and doing business with people of different cultures.

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