John Mullin, Poway Incumbent JRP0010

September 30, 2018
John Mullin was a successful candidate running for re-election in 2018.

District 3 Incumbent, John Mullin, joined me for a podcast conversation Saturday afternoon Sept 29, 2018. We delved into a variety of issues including the Poway Road Corridor plan, the council appointment process, the Cafagna Center, pension challenges and more. Councilman Mullin is focused on the city’s mission of public safety, infrastructure maintenance and a family friendly environment in Poway. Councilman Mullin is particularly proud of the city’s consistent practice of fiscal responsibility, long history of balanced budgets and a healthy reserve. He wants to get “the most bang for the buck” for taxpayers in Poway and streamline city processes to make them more time and cost efficient. He sees the Poway Rd development project as the equivalent of “remodeling the kitchen in our nice home” to upgrade the city part of the “City in the Country”. His approach is to not dictate what property owners can do, but instead to allow property owners to come forward and propose plans that fit within the Poway general plan or within the scope of the current building regulations.

John Mullin serves as the Poway representative for the Metro Waste Water JPA and Metro Transit System. He takes great pride in helping provide innovative water conservation solutions for Poway residents. He also has championed solar power initiatives at the Poway Performing Arts (Poway High) site and at Fire Station #3 on Pomerado Rd.

Councilman John Mullin is a former president of the Poway Girls Softball League. He spends a great deal of time supporting active troops with Poway’s adoptive battalion at Camp Pendleton, introducing them to our public works programs and career opportunities in town. His wife, Susie, start Project HoHoHo providing assistance for Marines during the Christmas holidays. He also is a big supporter of veterans in Poway. Finally, John was a leader helping bring forward the special needs housing project Villa de Vida.

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