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March 5, 2019
Journaling, John Riley Project

Today we explore improving your life, gaining clarity, and achieving focus and purpose all through the practice of journaling. This is all part of my own adventures in my life, my liberty and my pursuit of happiness.

During this podcast I share numerous stories about challenges I faced as an entrepreneur during the Great Recession. My clients were dramatically scaling back work with me, some clients went out of business, other clients would not pay their open invoices. I felt overwhelmed with a storm of thoughts, feelings, ideas, fears and worries as I tried to navigate the economic storm.

But how did I emerge from the chaos of plugging holes and putting out fires? How do I get from a reactive mindset to a proactive one? How do I turn down the volume of the noise in my head and get my thoughts organized? How do I coach myself to success? How do I reorient my ship and point it in the right direction?

It all came down to doing deep exploration of my thoughts and feelings.  I had to organize everything in my mind in an objective, rational way.  Journaling was the key to my success.

This process helped me relieve myself of a number of heavy burdens.  Journaling was like talking to a good friend that would just listen and not judge.  The release of writing down everything in my mind was powerful in and of itself.

But then when I was able to drill down deeper and explore my thoughts and feelings, I began to learn new things about myself.  I would discover that challenges were not nearly as bad as I thought.  I found organizing my thoughts clearly and then “uploading them back into my mind” gave me clarity, focus and purpose.  Distractions would melt away.

I hope this podcast episode is of value to you.  I invite your comments.


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