Kevin Juza, Poway City Council Candidate

October 12, 2022
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Poway City Council Candidate, Kevin Juza, joined me for a fun and informative podcast conversation. Kevin is one of three candidates running in my own District 3. We chatted for nearly 2 hours and had terrific input from the live audience spanning topics like:

Kevin’s family background in Indianapolis, Northern California, Minnesota, and eventually coming to Poway.

His career as a business consultant/coach and his volunteer roles in the Poway community.

His thoughts on City Planning, the city’s General Plan, smart development, negotiations with developers, and the construction projects on Poway Rd and The Farm. We dove deep on issues to address The Outpost development (aka The Hole in the Ground) and the alleged violations of developers at The Farm building too close to other people’s parcels.

Kevin really focused on common sense solutions and transparency of policy details for the people.

Kevin Juza shared his concern that Poway does not have a Climate Action Plan. He wants to have an open conversation to understand what the people want and then put together a plan that reflects the desires of the community.

We discussed the issues facing District 3 including Twin Peaks, Old Poway Park, trails, open space, and ADUs (Granny Flats). Kevin shared his concerns about how walking paths and trails are often disconnected or getting disrupted by development. Kevin wants to preserve those paths and expand them.

We got into the lack of affordable housing in Poway, it’s impact on first responders and other workers, and the challenges that may be coming from Sacramento. This then led to a discussion about the Big Stone Lodge property, it’s non-viability as a housing site, and its historical significance in Poway. (and our brain freeze failing to remember the name of the facility. LOL.)

Kevin Juza shared his thoughts on addressing water infrastructure, strategies to capture and preserve water, ideas on lowering water rates, and the possibility of a water infrastructure bond in Poway’s future.

With a city council of five people (4 council members plus a mayor) and three of those spots up for election, we discussed various scenarios of what the council dynamic would be like with new voices offering innovative ideas and perspectives.

We also got into crime, the Poway Candidate Forum on October 11th, the newly constructed, walking path along Espola, and what Kevin loves about Poway.

Thanks to the livestream audience for so many great questions and comments. We value your input!

Thank you!

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