San Diego News Update March 22: La Jolla Independence, Poway Farm Fitness, Juneteenth

March 22, 2023
John Riley discusses La Jolla is demanding independence! Will San Diego agree to a divorce? We also discuss the Life Time Fitness project in Poway, and Juneteenth in San Diego.

It’s springtime in San Diego! We’re covering the La Jolla quest for independence from San Diego, the controversy in Poway of a fitness center at The Farm, and Todd Gloria declaring Juneteenth a paid holiday for San Diego workers.

It’s Wednesday, March 22, 2023. Here’s what John Riley thinks:

La Jolla Independence

The rich people in La Jolla want to secede! They want to leave San Diego. What could be driving them to do this? Is there plan even achievable? We break it all down including taking a tangent talking about zip codes in San Diego.

Poway Fitness Club Causing Fits at The Farm

The Farm in Poway project is well underway and there are still a vocal minority in town that is angry about it. Now the project spokesperson, Kevin McNamara, wants to change the plan to make the proposed fitness club 10x bigger! Life Time Fitness has a plan that will change the landscape of the commercial and open space plan for The Farm. But wait, didn’t Kevin promise there would be no changes to the plan if the voters approved? The NIMBYs in Poway are now complaining about a violation of democracy and the added traffic and pollution from customers going in and out. The drama!

Todd Gloria declares Juneteenth a Paid Holiday for San Diego City Workers

The more I learn about Juneteenth the more I realize this is America’s Independence Day #2. This is a holiday that should be celebrated in a nation that exalts our inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Good for you Mayor Todd Gloria. Will other San Diego area cities follow suit?

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