San Diego News Update May 10: La Mesa Colin Parent Conflict, KUSI Sold, Poway Term Limits

May 10, 2023
John Riley discusses San Diego News Update May 10: La Mesa Colin Parent Conflict, KUSI Sold, Poway Term Limits

When a corporation donates to a non-profit that is run by a politician, then are they donating to a worthy cause or buying influence? That’s the question facing La Mesa vice mayor Colin Parent in La Mesa. We also discuss the KUSI sale and term limits in Poway.

It’s Wednesday May 10, 2023. Here’s what John Riley thinks:

La Mesa Vice Mayor Colin Parent Facing Conflict of Interest Accusations

Colin Parent runs an organization called Circulate San Diego that works to support sustainable neighborhoods and mass transit. He is actively soliciting contributions from corporate donors. What happens if he must vote on an issue before the La Mesa City Council?  Is it a conflict of interest? Or is it just really bad optics?

KUSI Sold. What is the State of San Diego Media?

Long time independent TV station KUSI was just sold for $35 million to a large media company. KUSI has been a long-time pillar of the San Diego community doing a great job covering local news. How will their station change with new management? We also look at the consolidation of print media and the financial chaos in radio.

Term Limits for Poway?

In a recent Opinion article in the Poway Chieftain, Tony Blain is calling on the City of Poway to enact term limits on the mayor and city council. Most cities in San Diego County already have term limits. Why not Poway?

San Diego Community Forum: Property Rights, Highway 56, Amazon Fresh, Poway Life Time Fitness

In our Community Forum segment, we hear from livestream viewers and YouTube commenters. The people of San Diego have something to say about what is happening in their local community.

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Relevant Links:

La Mesa vice mayor, now running for state Assembly, solicited $700,000 in donations to his own nonprofit.

Guest column: Poway term limits would encourage transparency and innovative ideas.

KUSI, longtime independent San Diego TV station, to be sold to Nexstar for $35M.

Thank you to our livestream participants in the Community Forum. Thank you to all that listen and view.

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