Liars, Cheaters and Politicians JRP0106

January 21, 2020
Liars, Cheaters and Politicians, John Riley Project, JRP0106

What’s going on with this flurry of bad behavior?  We take a look at liars, cheaters and other scandals involving politicians and professional athletes, including the Houston Astros, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and Poway Mayor Steve Vaus.

Why do they lie and cheat?  We break down the stories and consider a wide range of reasons to explain and understand their behavior.

But what does that mean to each of us?  How should we go about our lives?  We offer up a number of suggestions how each of us should conduct our own business.

We covered a wide range of issues, people and places including San Diego State, Aztecs, basketball, Wyoming, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Mojave, Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, Highway 395, The Big Country, Burl Ives, Gregory Peck, Chuck Connors, Jean Simmons, Jeff Ludlow, AJ Hinch, San Diego Padres, Alex Cora, Boston Red Sox, Carlos Beltran, New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, Pete Rose, Declaration of Independence, inalienable rights, Charles Barkley, Justin Amash, Rand Paul, Julie Mason, Sirius XM, POTUS 124, Press Pool, universal healthcare, national debt, border wall, Mexico, Democratic Party, Tom Steyer, San Diego Union Tribune, Pat Terrill, James McKay

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