Long Beach Grand Prix, JRP0051

May 17, 2019
Long Beach Grand Prix

Pete Neild joined us to discuss thoughts and observations on the Long Beach Grand Prix from a newbie perspective.  We recount the Corvette Corral, the great energy from Corvette enthusiasts and General Motors executives sharing stories and taking questions from the crowd.  We reexplore our visit to the Long Beach Grand Prix paddocks in the infield where we saw the pit crews working on the cars.  We share the stories of the Long Beach Grand Prix crowd excitement, the pageantry, the competition, the colors and the nuances of the course and how it motivated me to pursue racing.

But really my attending the Long Beach Grand Prix was really about the numerous themes we discuss in the podcast including getting out of comfort zones, living your life, Eureka Moments and pursuing your own happiness.

We also spend time discussing Pete’s upcoming cross-country trip in his Corvette Calypso to fulfill important promises he made to his deceased mother.  Pete also shares an incredible story he had of a positive customer service incident that involved a Vice President of General Motors and a fulfillment of a promise to deliver the highest quality product and experience for a customer.

We discuss a range of other topics including Corvettes, BMW, Ford, Porsche, the Del Mar Fair, Game of Thrones, self-denial, getting stuck in a rut, Plastic Fantastic, electric vehicles, Watkins Glen, Woodstock, Nags Head, immersion into areas of interest, Route 66, the movie Interstellar, New Orleans, Ron Fellows, Corvette C8, inflection points, Ironman, Santa Rosa, Seinfeld, Poway Chabad, group identities, Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, corporate stratification, Courtesy Chevrolet, Bob Stahl Chevrolet, covered wagons, Colorado River, Arctic Circle, The Confluence, Missouri River, Mississippi River, Saskatoon, Rhode Island and the America the Beautiful rumble strip near Albuquerque New Mexico.


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