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December 31, 2018
Marian Kim Phelps, Poway Unified Superintendent, No Place for Hate, Chris Cruse, Poway Water, Amit Asaravala, Climate Change Begins at Home

I enjoyed showcasing the great work of 3 local leaders (Marian Kim-Phelps, Chris Cruse and Amit Asaravala) and offered my thoughts and commentary on each topic:

Dr. Marian Kim-Phelps, Poway Unified School District Superintendent, published a guest column titled No Place for Hate in response to the recent hate crime in Poway. Marian Kim-Phelps is putting forward 4 policies at PUSD to address hate: organizing students to pledge to end hate, encouraging difficult conversations, adults modeling good behavior and speaking out to the injustice. I speak to these policies and also discuss individualism vs collectivism as it relates to hate crimes.

Chris Cruse, a community activist in Poway, is doing analysis on Poway’s water and sewer rates and asking tough questions about the City’s accounting procedures and if funds are intermingled with the City’s operating budget. I discuss the City of Poway’s upcoming water and sewer rate workshop and pontificate on issues related to the economics of water and innovations to provide more water to our region.

Amit Asaravala put forth a guest column titled Climate Change Begins at Home where he explores green technologies that homeowners and local government officials can take advantage of right away to not only make for a cleaner planet but also to save a tremendous amount of money. I explain my own personal story with solar panels and the huge financial savings we are enjoying. I also comment extensively on our family’s embrace of electric vehicle technology and the financial benefits that are available. No conversation with environmental technology is complete without commentary on the government subsidies that are available and whether such subsidies are fiscally prudent, economically sound or even moral.

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