Marijuana Legalization, JRP0192

December 7, 2020
It’s insane that marijuana remains illegal, but at lease the House of Representatives is finally taking action.  The law won’t pass Senate but I like the direction.  We discuss the benefits of legalization and the lunacy of keeping the drug illegal.  Plus we discuss the Poway protesters, the Trump supporters, rigged elections, Giuliani and COVID.  We go off on a tangent about the flat tax and ranked choice voting.  We touch on the frustrations of the newest COVID lockdown in California.  Then we discuss the Fairfield project in Poway within the context of property rights.  We also address many of the common objections of those that opposed the project.  Plus Steve Vaus, Pearl Harbor, John Lennon, Walter Williams and the danger of putting up your own Christmas lights. Closing Quote: “The rise of capitalism brought greater morality into our relationships. There is the biblical passage, “It is as difficult for a rich man to get into Heaven as for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.” That biblical phrase was quite appropriate for the time because wealth was most often acquired through capturing, plundering and looting your fellow man. But, with the rise of capitalism, people like Bill Gates are rich because they have served their fellow man. Gates has made his fellow man very happy by building Microsoft computers and software. Fred Smith with Federal Express serves his fellow man, too. The morality of the free market should be stressed because it is far superior to any other method of allocating resources.” – Walter Williams #JohnRileyProject #MarijuanaBill #CannabisLegal #PropertyRights #WalterWilliams   JRP0192     John Riley Project Info:   Bookings? Inquiries? Contact me at   Sponsorship Inquiries:   YouTube Channel:   Facebook:   Twitter:   Instagram:   iTunes:   Spotify:   Stitcher:   Google Podcasts:   Tune In:–Culture-Podcasts/John-Riley-Project-Podcast-p1154415/   Listen Notes:   Music: