Mathew Mitchell, Diversity, JRP0053

May 30, 2019
Mathew Mitchell, Diversity, Inclusion, Equity JRP0053

Mathew Mitchell joined us for an open conversation on the difficult issues of race, diversity, inclusion and equity.  Mathew brings a unique perspective having grown up in the conservative community of Lompoc CA.  His father is a black man from Memphis TN, his mother an Irish immigrant to America, his sister is married to a woman and Mathew is a happy husband and father in a mixed-race family.  Mathew Mitchell was born to be a culture and engagement champion.

Mathew and I discussed many issues about the Poway community including diversity (or lack thereof), the healing process after the Poway Chabad shooting, Poway schools, Poway High Football, the hate crime in December 2018 when a swastika was painted on a Jewish family’s home and the special opportunity to create an environment of consciousness and inclusion in our city.  (I am hopeful that my podcast can become a community forum where we can discuss these difficult conversations in a civil, respectful manner and learn from one another.)

Mathew B. Mitchell and I spent time discussing Bryan Stevenson and the Lynching Memorial in Georgia. We explored the issue of mixed race in the media and in Mathew’s own life.  We discuss what white really is and was in terms of WASP vs Irish, Italian, Catholics, etc.

We touch on a range of other topics including white fragility, white privilege, Al Campanis, Jackie Robinson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Christianity, access to quality education, criminal injustice, Fortune 500 leadership, Captain James T. Kirk, Star Trek, Dr. Marian Kim-Phelps, Blackish, Cosby Show, Jack and Jill, Aryan Brotherhood, Kanye West, Black Irish, Carlos Murphy’s, #MeToo, Gillette and self- segregation.


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