San Diego News Update April 5: Nathan Fletcher, Poway Unified, La Mesa Dysfunction, Rancho Bernardo Cannabis

April 5, 2023
John Riley discusses the Nathan Fletcher scandal, homelessness, La Mesa, Poway Schools, Rancho Bernardo cannabis and much more.

The Good: Aztecs in March Madness. The Bad: Nathan Fletcher, homelessness, San Diego schools declining, Poway Unified schools deteriorating, La Mesa dysfunction, Rancho Bernardo residents upset over cannabis. What is going on in San Diego?

It’s Wednesday, April 5, 2023. Here’s what John Riley thinks:

Aztecs make San Diego Proud

So much love for the San Diego State men’s basketball team as they make the March Madness finals, but lose to UConn. Can you feel the energy in San Diego around this team? Feels really good.

Nathan Fletcher Needs to Resign Now

Last week I praised Nathan Fletcher for seeking mental health help. But now the other shoe dropped, and we see a serious sexual harassment mess. Fletcher is a disgrace. But why is he postponing his resignation until May 15th? How will he be replaced on the San Diego Board of Supervisors.

Homelessness Politicized by GOP

CA State Senator Brian Jones understands that homelessness is a key issue for voters. Jones is proposing a plan to clear out homeless encampments near schools, parks and churches. Is this a good plan? Where will these people go?

Poway Unified School District Preparing for a School Bond

In a recent op-ed, PUSD superintendent Marian Kim-Phelps made the case that school facilities are crumbling. They need more funding to upgrade and repair their infrastructure. Phelps is making the case for a future school bond funded by taxpayers. This would be on top of payments for the Billion Dollar Bond. Can PUSD self-finance their plan? I think so.

San Diego Schools, Poway Unified Enrollment Declining

Interesting data as less students are attending San Diego schools. It’s due to a number of factors including a transition to homeschooling and private schools, families moving out of state due to high cost of living, and some upset with the politicization of curriculum. Less students = less funding. What can public schools do to attract more students?

La Mesa Permitting and Signage Dysfunction

The City of La Mesa is struggling to process building permits to allow businesses to start and homeowners to install granny flats. This is frustrating residents and local politicians are demanding change. Meanwhile, La Mesa is considering LED electronic signage, but locals are upset about “visual pollution.”

San Diego Community Forum

We take comments and questions from our livestream audience as well as YouTube comments. Topics include Life Time Fitness at The Farm in Poway, homelessness demographics, free trade, Poway schools, cannabis dispensaries, PTSD, and baseball.

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