Mike Smith shared his story about a terrible motorcycle accident in Maui and the experiences he had during a 2-week coma where he encountered God, the afterlife, and a return to today’s reality.  Mike shared the incredible coma dreams he had about love and Christ-like people who helped him, but eventually told him “it’s not your time yet”.  This experience, or Eureka Moment, has completely changed Mike’s life and put him on a new life trajectory to better understand Christ, his message and to experience the positive changes Christ told him He has in store for humankind.  Pete Neild joined us as well since he was there with Mike when the accident occurred and witnessed most of the experience in our reality. 

#NearDeathExperience #NDI #ComaDreams

Referenced Links:

2013 – The ride of a lifetime; circumnavigation of Maui.  https://youtu.be/bvmak0AV_jg

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The Turn – https://youtu.be/ecgUdhKban0

The Iao Valley – https://youtu.be/BsLXgLTyIcU  Mike in the lead 1:17

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OUR last Ride: https://youtu.be/VUbU2OgfJPo 

The “Tee” Shirt 20 45N 156 15W – https://youtu.be/ucyRlB3EJ10

Mountain View Bible Church: https://mountainviewsd.org/

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