Nick Neild, Just Bee, JRP0099

December 29, 2019
Nick Neild, Mindfulness, Just Bee, Zen Activist, John Riley Project, JRP0099

Nick Neild joined us to discuss mindfulness, meditation, cognitive behavioral science and his new book, Just Bee.  These practices help us reduce stress and make wise choices by controlling our thoughts and feelings.  It was fun to learn that we may be experiencing meditation in everyday moments and not realizing it.  It can be discovered while washing a dish or experiencing a great snowboard ride.  It’s that zone where we are “in the moment” and redirecting our attention to our center.

Nick also discussed his career strategy building a publishing company and pursuing his higher purpose of teaching mindfulness.  Nick offers mindfulness training to corporations to help improve the work culture, minimize stress and bring more joy to workers.  At the same time the companies benefit by retaining employees, reducing churn and training, while keeping productivity high.  Nick is also a school teacher integrating his mindfulness training into his lessons to help his students.  Nick Neild also shared a wonderful book reading of Just Bee for us.

We share thoughts on so many other people and issues including Poway High School, Twin Peaks Middle School, Valley Elementary School, Merrilee Boyack, Connor Boyack, Tuttle Twins, Prague, monkey brain, Sponge Bob, Flintstones, Simpsons, Gina Tang, Christoph Neger, IQ, EQ, emotional intelligence, patriotism, Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory, ET the Extra Terrestrial, road rage, Poway Chabad, getting cut off on the freeway.

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