Oklahoma Abortion Bill, JRP0272

April 11, 2022
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Oklahoma Abortion Ban

Will they enact an Oklahoma abortion ban? It’s looking that way. We break down all of the new abortion laws passed in Oklahoma, Missouri, Michigan, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Colorado as states prepare for the potential overturn of Roe vs Wade. Should abortion be “legal, but rare”? Or is abortion a fundamental part of a woman’s inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

JRP Studio: ATEM Mini Pro and Go Pro Hero 9

We just upgraded our video gear. I share the evolution of the podcast studio video gear from the Mevo to the Sony a6400 to our new video switching system and the Go Pro Hero 9. This will be a fun segment for the audio-visual geeks in the audience. The studio is looking good now to host more in-studio guests.

Should Free Speech Require Permission?

We talk again about the Trump/MAGA Poway Protesters and the Poway Sign Ordinance. Turns out these protesters are violating the law, but the City is not enforcing it. We discuss how people will conflate the issues of free speech with the consequences of free speech and use that irrationality to try to ban free speech.

Hacksaw Loves Pancakes

I had the opportunity to have breakfast with legendary sports radio star, Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton. I share a bit about my encounter and my history with the Mighty 690 and the Mighty 1090.

Padres Opening Weekend

We also talk about the San Diego Padres opening weekend series in Phoenix against the Arizona Diamondbacks. The trades for Sean Maneaa and Tyler Rogers, AJ Preller’s aggressive plan, Blake Snell’s injury, and Mackenzie Gore and much more are discussed in this episode.

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