Pete Murray for San Diego Judge, Criminal Justice, JRP0274

April 28, 2022
Pete Murray, san diego county, judge, criminal justice, john riley project, JRP0274

Pete Murray joined me to discuss his campaign for judge in San Diego County. This was an incredible podcast conversation going nearly 4 hours (a new JRP record!).

The depth and breadth of topics covered is too long to list, but here are some highlights:

Pete Murray’s View on Criminal Justice Challenges

  • 900-1000 case back log in San Diego Courts largely due to pandemic-related issues and how the judicial system has to address the backlog while still protecting the accused’s right of a speedy trial.
  • Increase in property crime, murder, and many other categories compared to pre-pandemic trends.
  • The aggressive swinging of the pendulum from “tough on crime” to less accountability for criminals.
  • The importance of good judges to make justice work, and how bad judges can undermine the entire system.
  • Some of the unscrupulous ways that some DAs will add duplicitous charges as a bargaining chip to get a suspect to plead guilty.
  • Criminal justice reform and strategies to be smart on crime, smart on homelessness, smart on drug abuse and smart on mental health issues.
  • The serious criminal activities involving elder abuse and Medicare/Medicaid fraud, plus some fun discussion of Jimmy McGill’s work on the Sandpiper case on the TV series Better Call Saul.
  • Expressing the magnificent work and integrity of good police officers, but also holding bad cops accountable for their actions.
  • The Collaborative Courts for mental health, homeless, theft, and drugs with the goal to treat them and move them out of the criminal justice system, including the Veteran’s courts incredible success with reducing recidivism to zero.

Pete Murray’s Legal Experience and Background

  • SCOTUS judge-select Jackson, her experience as a public defender, and Pete’s experience as a defense attorney in his private practice.
  • Pete’s background as a Navy Pilot, Deputy District Attorney in San Diego, Deputy Attorney General, and private practitioner, and the breadth of experience that provides to be a highly qualified judge.
  • Pete’s independence as a judge, not being beholden to any special interest groups.
  • Pete’s experience in all aspects of criminal law including felonies, misdemeanors, juvenile justice, probate, family law, domestic violence and much more.
  • Pete’s time teaching high school students about the US Constitution and the importance of “We the people…”
  • Duke University, The Final Four, and the qualities of Coach Mike Krzyzewski that made him a great leader of men.
  • Some of his adventures on the campaign trail and his endorsement list.

Plus, so many stories of actual cases involving actual people and the massive impact that the criminal justice system has had in their lives.

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Pete Murray for Judge

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