Pete Murray, Qualified Immunity JRP0139

June 9, 2020
Pete Murray, qualified immunity, law and order maxim, police militarization, War on Drugs, mandatory minimums, no-knock warrants, John Riley Project, JRP0139

Pete Murray returns to the podcast via Zoom to share his thoughts on recent events surrounding police brutality, racial bias, and a host of other criminal justice issues.  Pete is a Deputy Attorney General in the State of California and has also served as a San Diego County Assistant District Attorney, a private practice attorney and a US Navy pilot.  Pete and I get into a range of issues including political protests, qualified immunity, the law and order maxim, police militarization, the War on Drugs, mandatory minimums, and no-knock warrants.  Will thinks finally change this time?  Like in the Apollo 13 crisis, will this be “our finest hour”?


We also discuss a range of other people and places including the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, natural rights, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Minneapolis, Poway, samurai swords, absolute immunity, systemic racism, Law & Order, Rule of Law, Duke University, defund police, Groundhog Day, Equality Under the Law, people of color, incarceration state, white privilege, tough on crime, three strikes, internal affairs, proactive policing, COPS, community oriented policing, police training, police recruiting, protect and serve, police unions, statutory law, Supreme Court, civil liberties, police safety, police pay, police discipline, police union endorsements, political campaigns, racism, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, sentencing, UC San Diego, UCSD, Republican Party, GOP, Party of Lincoln, Donald Trump.


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